Distilling the spirit of our Local Area

We don’t just make gin that tastes good. We want every bottle to distill the spirit and history of the place which inspired it. Alban Gin uses the same spice blend as the original hot-cross-bun, invented in St Albans in the 14th Century. Garden City Gin uses blossom picked from the avenue of Linden trees that run through the centre of Welwyn Garden City’s scenic parkway.



Resident forager Richard gathers many of our botanicals from the hedgerows and ancient woodlands which surround our distillery. Our product range showcases the amazing flavour potential of these ingredients in all kinds of traditional and experimental ways.


Historical surroundings

Our buildings were originally a Victorian stable before becoming a saddle maker’s workshop for many years. Our year-long restoration of the premises included uncovering original features, like the original hoof-worn stone floor of the stable, and unearthing countless bags of leather and brass tack and bridles. Visit us today and you’ll find that we’ve stayed true to the horsey history of the place.