Corporate And Bespoke Gin

As well as retailing wild local spirits and gin gift sets from our Spirit Boutique, we frequently work with corporate and private customers to offer a Bespoke Gin Service.

Working collaboratively with local businesses, golf clubs, sports teams, schools and landowners, we create unique gin recipes and stunning labelling and branding.  

As part of our bespoke gin service, we offer teams the chance to attend a private Gin School session to test out some botanical combinations.  Colleagues compete to create the best recipe – so the whole team feels invested in the creation of the company’s gin.

Some examples of past bespoke gin projects:

Wagada Towers Gin

Marketing agency Wagada asked us to create a completely new gin using botanicals foraged from the idyllic riverside location of the company’s office. We arranged delivery of a shipment of gin, which the agency sent out as holiday favours for their valued customers Christmas, as well as selling some bottles for charity at a local gin festival.


Parent & Teacher Associations


At least 20 local schools now offer parents the chance to buy a bottle of school-branded gin to raise money for the PTA. Since we host the school gins on our online store, and handle all transactions, fulfilment and delivery through our own ecommerce platform, this means that the school and PTA do not require any kind of licensing, and are not expected to contribute any upfront funds; we simply agree a cash amount per bottle to be donated to the school with every sale of school gin.



We have collaborated with several golf clubs to create a house gin for their “nineteenth hole”, using botanical ingredients foraged from their own golf course. A full design service is available to create labels and branding.


If you’re interested in bespoke gin creation, do drop us an email on