Birch Vodka


Warming spices inspired by the original hot cross bun. Cherry and blackthorn blossom, wild violet and flowering currant flower capture the floral aroma of St Albans in springtime.

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For just a few weeks each Spring, the sap rises in the birch. We tap local trees in the woods behind our distillery, collecting the clear sweet water which pours from every tree.
When the time comes to dilute our high-purity grain vodka to a drinkable strength, we don't add any water at all. We add fresh birch sap.

So every bottle of Birch Vodka is 60% full, fresh, healthgiving birch sap! lt lendsĀ  an unbelievable creamy smoothness to the final blend - like drinking an ice cold shot of milk, milked from a cow with an udder of polished birchwood.

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200ml Taster, 500ml Standard, 700ml Large


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We asked the residents of St Albans what aromas they most associate with St Albans, and this is the result: St Albans’ first gin.

This gin is distilled with freshly picked rose petals, inspired by the Cathedral’s iconic Rose Window and by Saint Alban’s legendary association with wild roses.

Alban gin’s delicate spiced aromas come from cardamom, clove and cinnamon, flavours taken from the Alban bun – the original hot cross bun – first invented in St Albans in 1361 and still popular today!