Faery Light Magical Gin


A magical colour changing gin. Add tonic and the vivid blue gin turns immediately pink!
Flavour wise, Faery Light has a smooth base of wild river mint and vanilla with top notes of meadow herbs and forest flowers.

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FAERY LIGHT GIN distils the fragrance of a forest clearing on a moonlit night spent among the faeries.
Wild river mint adds a sweet, cooling finish to the zesty sparkle of juniper and grapefruit, while handpicked forest herbs conjure up aromas of vanilla, sweet mown hay and meadow flowers.
Best sipped from an acorn cup atop a bright red toadstool.
To see the magic (and free the moonbeams), just add a splash of tonic and watch the transformation begin: the deep blue gin turns immediately pink with the addition of anything acidic!

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500ml, 700ml, 200ml


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