Garden City Gin – Rhubarb


We’ve taken our classic full-flavoured dry gin, Garden City – with its crisp juniper, zesty citrus, notes of lavender and linden blossom – and blended it with local Welwyn Garden City Rhubarb.

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We launched our distillery in 2020, the Centenary year of Welwyn Garden City. This gin was created to mark the occasion. The original Garden City movement promised the best of both worlds to migrating city workers: the natural beauty, personal space and clean air of the countryside combined with all the opportunities and conveniences of the modern city. And this perfect balance of London sophistication and rural freshness can be found in the flavours of Garden City Gin too. A hearty juniper base – the distinguishing feature of the London dry style – combines with spicy and complex bergamot, and delicate Hertfordshire lavender (Lavender was historically one of the main exports of Hertfordshire farms). Finally, Garden City Gin is also distilled with sweet, honey-and-lemongrass-scented blossoms harvested from the linden trees which line Welwyn Garden City’s most recognisable and famous avenue.

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200ml Taster, 500ml, 700ml


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