Unique Spirit

What makes our drinks unique? Sometimes it’s an ingredient: a rare herb un-used in drinks since the 15th Century, or a wild, spicy mushroom. Sometimes it’s the concept itself that’s unique: all the ingredients used to make our authentic 70% abv Absinthe, including real “Grand Wormwood” are foraged from local hedgerows. Other times, the drink is a literal one-off – designed and distilled especially for you during one of our Bespoke Gin Fitting sessions.

Local Ingredients

We like our spirits to tell a local story. We flavour Garden City Gin with locally-farmed lavender, one of Hertfordshire’s biggest crops in the pre-industrial era. In Abbey Gin, to evoke the Cathedral and Abbey at the heart of St Albans, we chose aromatic herbs that would have been grown in monastery physic gardens during the medieval period. 

Wild Foraged Botanicals

The fields and hedgerows which surround our distillery are full of botanicals-in-waiting. Our distiller Richard Osmond is an expert forager, and is keen to include as many wild flowers, herbs, fruits and even fungi in our recipes as possible! He also runs gin foraging expeditions from the distillery, on which curious visitors are invited to join him in the forest for a crash course in wild plant identification before heading back to our tasting rooms to create and distill a unique gin with the botanicals they collected.